Monday, December 24, 2012

Old Book Wreath

Here is another tuto for Christmas from Jenna de Angeles youtube video, an amazing ideea..and cause coming soon the Father Christmas I hurry up to explain...We need:
- an old book
- hot glue gun
- Christmas ornaments
- stapler
- cardboard
- transparent tape

1. We get an old book, perhaps from antique shop.

2. We cut the binding of the book.

3. Slim and trim.We begin breaking the sheets,one by one....untill 120 pieces.

4. Creating the cone.Roll it.Tape it with transparent tape. Every 120 pieces...Good luck and  a lot of patience.

5. Stapling the cones..Staple from base cca. 1 cm.

6. We take now the cardboard in a square format.

7. We make in the middle 2 circles , the small one in the middle 4" , the bigger one outside 8".

8. Gluening the cones with hot glue gun in a clock style,12/6, 9/3.

9. First, we make the big circle and second the small one untill we realize a wreath.

10. The last the nice part of the work...tis the wreath in the middle...

What a nice wreath.....for a very nice Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Waiting for Christmas....

  Hello, everybody! Long time  I did not write in my blog...a busy time, but now waiting for Christmas holidays I decide to make some tutorials. This year I think to decorate the Christmas tree in a " vintage" style. Nice and chic. "The best of joy, the best of cheer, for Christmas and the coming year..." So, let the creativity to fly....let`s go...

 What do you think about  some Christmas balls with napkin tehnique.
 First, we will  need: Christmas patterned napkins, brushes, white acrylic paints, glue or varnish glue, golden acrylic paint, styropor balls, napkin scissors, golden marker and small sticks.

Second, paint the surface of the ball with white acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

After that, paint two times with golden acrylic paint . Allow to dry again.

Select the napkin and the design to use. Cut out the design what you want to stick. Peel away the first 2 layer of paper. We have to use the third one, the layer with the pattern. Glue the styropor ball and put the pattern selected, glue again the surface. 

Let a while to dry, maybe a few hours...must be well dried everything.

The old look can be made with a golden marker. A few stripes, the middle of the flower, in this case...

And our work is finished. Lovely pieces!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anti-aging tipps,we really need?

I read  an interesting book from Sarah Merson"The best 100 anti-aging tipps " a few days ago and I decided to try a few of them.
1.Olive oil.
  It contains vitamin E and Omega 9 which make him very important for heart, hair and skin.
  For inflammation of the skin or a skin with problems, look here for a recipe:
 - 2 spoons olive extra virgin oil
-  the juice of 1/2 lemon
 Olive oil and lemon mix. Every morning 30 minutes before breakfast, nothing is eating before, drink this mixture. For a good and successful treatment  lasts about 3 weeks long. It makes a very nice skin and hair too. What do you think...

Olive oil is a wonderful oil for facial cleansing

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Filled lemon

For some time I like very much cooking. For this reason I should like trying new and original recipes. I propose myself every month to try a new one and to see my results. So, in January " Filled lemon" is a good idea I think.Let`s go!

- 3 lemon
- 3 cans of sardines in oil
- 100gr. fresh cheese
- 2 eggs
- 1 pickle
- 50 gr. butter
- juice from 1 lemon
- 2 teaspoon of mustard
- 1/2 pepper in vinegar
- salt
- caraway
- a little parsley

Preparation( now beginn the fun ):
1. Lemon/ wash and cut the beginning parts. Then, cut again in 2 parts for squeezing the juice and remove the core.
2.The eggs/boiled hard. The pickle/ cut in small pieces.
Filling for lemon: sardines+cheese+butter+boiled eggs+pickle+50gr.lemon juice+the mustard+caraway+salt/ mix and mix untiil we have a fine paste.
3.Lemon is filled with this fine paste. For presentation ,we could put the lemon on a plate or plateau. the decoration is free imagination is flying... pepper in vinergar like a liltle hut, parsley...
Now, let`s see the results:

Good or not so good my husband already enjoyed it .....I hope also you....See you next time !

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cup cozy Christmas ideea

We need for our cup cozy present :yarn ( here green colour), knitting needles 3.5 and a cup or a jug. That for the first time ...depends what model you have in the mind.

What do you think about a norweger model ? So we need 2 colour of yarn. Green and orange in this case.

Here an example of a norweger muster.

Let`s begin ! Let the fantasy to fly !
Et, voila ! Our Christmas present is made ! A cup cozy for the winter time tea...
With a couple of candies..... Merry Christmas everyone !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Star made of ribbon

160 cm ribbon with wire edge, width 40 mm


100 cm ribbon with wire edge, width 25 mm

50 cm cord or narrow ribbon for hanging


Tape Measure

Hot glue

The 40 mm wide strip cut with wire edge to 8 parts, each 20 cm length.


The 25 mm wide strip cut with wire edge to 8 parts, each 12 cm length.

crossed at the ends top of each other and stuck together with hot glue to the edges

The two ribbon ends cut diagonally toward the tip

The eight star points with hot glue to stick together to form a star.

The look of the finished star.

Added for a double star two stars stick together.